Day three of Grand Junction's annual concert extravaganza, Country Jam, has come and gone. It was an incredible day filled with great acts, tons of fun, and even a little rain. Here's a look back at day three.

In this case, rain was a plus. It provided a nice break from the heat, kept the dust down, and offered a little assistance to firefighters in other parts of Colorado. Mother Nature even threw in a rainbow right over the Ram Trucks Stage at Country Jam Ranch.

Rainbow at Country Jam 2018
Waylon Jordan

Back in KEKB's media tent, we enjoyed the chance to hang out with Brett Young, Dustin Lynch, and Florida Georgia Line. In a word, every one of these artists was "real." These were some down-to-Earth people.

The crew from Taste of Country spent the day hanging out with us backstage. You all know Billy Dukes. What a great guy. I had to hit him up for a little info on Reba. Billy has hung out with her many times. I've only been close. Lucky guy.

Waylon Cody Taste of Country

Along the way, we did a number of scavenger hunts for meet-n-greet passes. These are fun. You can bet we'll do more on Sunday. In a nutshell, we hide the KEKB logo in various places around the grounds. We send out clues including photos of the general location. It's up to you to find the logo and then get it back to the KEKB tent on Vendor Row as quickly as possible.

One of my favorite artists, Brett Young, spent some time in the KEKB Media Tent discussing his method for choosing songs suiting his style. We even had a "guy to guy" talk about emotional songwriting and bringing those feelings to a performance.

Cody Carlson sat down with Florida Georgia Line to discuss their show, songwriting, and their recent record-breaking success with "Meant To Be."

Rain continued into the night, but the thirsty ground at the ranch soaked it up like a sponge. The artists didn't seem to mind the rain at all.

That was fun. As a matter of fact, it may have been one of my best Jam days in 27 years. Let's see if day four can top it. Join us for one last day at Country Jam 2018. See you here.

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