Here it is, day 1 of Country Jam 2018. Thursday, June 14 is the "official" start to Grand Junction's premier concert event. What about last night's pre-party?

Wednesday night Country Jam hosted the Campground Kick-Off Party at Jack's Place at Country Jam Ranch. This tradition has been going on for a few years. What exactly happens? Well, for the most part, campers come out to the grounds and enjoy a little prelude to the main event.

James Smith

Let's back up a little bit. Prior to the campground party, KEKB hosted the pre-pre-party at Fisher's Liquor Barn and Market. Fisher's Market treated everyone to complimentary burgers, hot dogs, and soft drinks. KEKB gave away a handful of 4-day Country Jam tickets. Along the way, we gave out a number of single-day VIP passes. Check out these happy VIP winners.

Waylon Jordan

Hundreds of people came out for the pre-pre-party. At one point, temperatures on the blacktop hit 100. Those are brave people. Then again, nothing stops Country Jam diehards from attempting to win tickets.

Waylon Jordan

The moment the event at Fisher's Liquor Barn ended, we literally threw our gear in the KEKB Hummer and set a course for Country Jam Ranch. Once there, the party was already underway at Jack's Place.

Each year, the pre-party includes performances from several artists. These artists also play the main stage and Jack's Place throughout the festival. By the time I arrived, McKenna Faith was already on stage. She put on a fine show, including a handful of AC/DC covers. Okay, not Country, but still very cool.

Later, Josh Kelley took the stage. Josh will take the Ram Trucks main stage tonight (Thursday) at 8;30, right before Brett Eldredge.

With the pre-festivities out of the way, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Gates open at 2 p.m. today, officially kicking off the "four hottest days of summer." Fortunately, the next four days are going to be hot, but far from brutal. We'll see temperatures in the upper 90s today and tomorrow, but by Saturday, temperatures will peak in the upper 70s.

It was a great kickoff. If the pre-party is any indication of the main event, it's going to be an incredible Country Jam. See you out there for day 1.