Jammers enjoyed another amazing day at Jam Ranch with day two of Country Jam 2017. The artists tore it up on stage, and the audience put on a world class show, too. If you weren't there, here's a look at what you missed.

We discovered one thing - Jason Aldean can really works a crowd. Even with all his speakers and microphones, there were times when the audience could out-shout him.

Chris Young, like always, put on a fine show. Here's a guy who knows how to pay tribute to those Country artists who paved the way.

Parmalee shared a little one-on-one time with KEKB. Who's the new kid? That's Alicia, one of the new jocks here at KEKB. She shares some Carolina ties with the guys from Parmalee.

There were some bold fashion statements on display in the grounds. It takes confidence, or super powers, or possibly both, to display outfits like these. Here are a few gentlemen displaying their contempt for the czars of fashion.

Along the way, we gave out a handful of meet n' greets and CDs. Be sure to swing by the KEKB tent in Vendor Alley just north of Jack's Place. You'll see two registration boxes: one for meet n' greets, the other for swag. Get registered, and then keep an eye on your phone. Get a temporary KEKB tattoo. That's another way to win cool stuff.

We're two down, two to go. It's going to be a little toasty on day three. Drink water, get a hat and stay cool. Please do not drink and drive. For that matter, take it easy on the drinky-drinky. Consuming one beer in 100-degree heat is like drinking three at home (per my estimates, but then I'm a lightweight). If you're underage, don't touch the stuff. A ton of your peers got busted on day one.

It's a killer Jam this year. Please come out and join us.


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