Is it just us, or is Country Jam the "baby-making capital" of Grand Junction? It seems exactly 9 months after Country Jam a ton of babies are born. This isn't because two people meet and fall in love at Country Jam and decide to have kids -- NO! -- that would be too simple.

The Country Jam campground party is a crazy mess and is usually the four craziest days of the year. Drunk people hop from campsite to campsite looking for their next ex-wife or their next babies mamma. Don't let that be you this year.

Steps to Avoid Having a Country Jam Baby:

Drink Responsibly -- Usually we tie this in to drinking and driving, in this case were talking about drinking and "bumping uglies." Make smart decisions, and don't get so drunk that you make dumb decisions.

Designate a Sober Wing-Man -- This way your friends won't let you do anything stupid like have a Country Jam baby.

Wear Protection -- Use protection if you decide to have a one night stand or if you are having consensual sex with your partner. Trust me, it won't make a good story to tell your kids when they grow up.

Be Picky -- If you are picky with who you choose to flirt with and end up having a Country Jam baby, at least make sure it is a good lookin' Country Jam baby.

How many Country Jam babies will we see in April

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