Earlier this week, a CMA Award-winning and Grammy-nominated Country artist from Nashville stopped by a Grand Junction, Colorado store to add to her cowboy hat collection.

What does it say about Western Colorado when Country artists from the Country Music Capitol of the World come here to get their hats?

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Terri Clark In Grand Junction, Colorado

This last Sunday, March 26, 2023, CMA President's Award winner, three-time Juno award winner, and Grammy-nominated artist Terri Clark made her way to the historic Avalon Theatre in Grand Junction, Colorado. If you're familiar with Terri Clark and her nearly 30-year career as a major Country recording artist, then you know about her trademark hats. She's been wearing a lid ever since she signed to Mercury Records back in 1995.

Prior to her Sunday concert in Grand Junction, Terri Clark stopped by a western wear shop located in Orchard Mesa in Grand Junction.

What Does This Say About Colorado?

Early in her show on Sunday, Terri Clark made mention of her trip to Rocky Mountain Hats & Boots at 2718 Highway 50 in Grand Junction. While there she purchased five hats.

During her performance she said, and I'm quoting her as best I can, that it's a sad day when someone who lives in Nashville, Tennessee has to come to Colorado to get a decent cowboy hat.

Terri Clark Knows How To Wear a Hat

I called down to the store to speak with the proprietor, Jerry Derby. I've known Derby for years. According to him, Terri Clark purchased a total of five custom hats, and then, shaped some of the hats herself. According to Derby, "She wears a hat very well."

When asked if she did a good job shaping hats, Derby replied, "Hell yeah. She used to work in a western store."

Other Country Stars Who've Purchased Hats at This Store

According to Jerry Derby, over the course of his 58 years of shaping hats, his stores have produced hats for artists such as Chris Ledoux and Glenn Campbell.

Shaping Hats In Western Colorado

This is in no way, shape, or form a commercial. This business does not advertise with this station. Put simply, Terri Clark's comment regarding Nashville artists having to come to Grand Junction, Colorado, really caught my attention. Keep in mind, Harrison Ford comes all the way to Grand Junction to have his aircraft worked on.

Check out this short video I made a few years ago featuring Jerry Derby. People must enjoy his work considering this video has received over 38,000 views.

Here's a big shout-out to Terri Clark. That was an awesome show at the Avalon. Thanks for visiting our town, and thank you for visiting our local businesses.

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