The old Hooters building is just about to rise from the grave. Grand Junction is getting a new barbecue restaurant at this location, and the countdown to opening day has commenced.

For years the address of 2880 North Avenue was home to Hooters. For a while, Sports Vortex operated from the site. Now, after a long hiatus, a new food option will be available to the hungry people of Grand Junction.

You've probably seen the carpenters and painters doing their thing these last few months. It's now only a matter of days.

On October 25, doors will open at Barney's BBQ. The new business is conducting a countdown via their official Facebook page.

Lately, they've done a number of test runs at the restaurant. They've fired up the cooker and invited people to come in give the place a try. So far, the reviews are fantastic.

I see where someone I used to babysit was among those who received a preview. This is great, but I can remember babysitting this guy when he was four years old. He's now grown up and has kids of his own. Not only that, he's taking them out for BBQ. Talk about feeling old.

It will be exciting to see a new family restaurant operating at this site. It's prime real estate. Those of us who utilize 29 Road as a way to access town will find this location very handy.

Here's wishing you the best, Barney's BBQ. I can't wait to swing by and try the place. See you October 25.

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