Grand Junction residents can run right out and buy more stuff. A new business is coming to Orchard Mesa featuring room to store your acquisitions.

Another business will be opening soon in Grand Junction. Here's a sneak peek at who's coming to town.

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New Business in Orchard Mesa Just Off Highway 50 in Grand Junction

This sign went up over a year ago just north of Highway 50. You'll spot it right between the Orchard Mesa Dominos Pizza and the Orchard Mesa Veterinary Hospital. According to the sign, this vacant lot will someday be the site of a new location for Parkway Storage.

If you drive by the location today, Thursday, April 6, 2023, you'll notice they've broken ground and construction is underway.

Grand Junction Colorado New Business Orchard Mesa 2022 map
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Does the Name Sound Familiar?

You've probably heard of Parkway Storage before. According to their webpage, a location currently operates on the Riverside Parkway with easy access from I-70 via 25 Road. The website reads:

Whatever your needs, whether you are moving, storing your car, boat, or RV or simply need extra space for storage, we have the right unit for you.

Info About the New Storage Units

Looking at the City of Grand Junction's official webpage, the location of this business is listed as 1903 Linden Avenue. The project name is listed as "Parkway Storage Orchard Mesa." The city's description of the project reads, "Request site plan approval to construct a mini-warehouse storage facility on 2.573351 acres in a C-1 (Light Commercial) zone district."

I contacted the company a year ago to see what the new location will offer. According to their representative, the new site will include a large number of 10x20 and 10x30 spaces. While speaking with the employee, it was learned construction has been pushed back.

Earlier today, Thursday, April 6, 2023, I spoke with a representative at Parkway Storage. According to her, while nothing is definite, they plan to start renting units at the new facility this fall.

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