If you're a true dude, odds are you can't tell an eyelash curler from the sport of curling.

That's what makes this simple video so true, relatable and funny.

From the aforementioned curler to a concealer pen, the men put on the spot here are the proverbial deer in the headlights. They have no idea what they're looking at and in true male fashion they don't seem too upset about that. Perhaps they're more focused on getting out of there so they can wolf down a fatty 96-ounce steak and chase with a PBR they open with their teeth.

It's entertaining and definitely a lot more entertaining than the alternative video. Can you imagine a bunch of women being asked to name the tools men use to clean up? "Soap! Shampoo! Razor! Done!" Because that's all we use, right? Anything beyond that and you run the risk of crossing over from man to the sub-species Ryan Searcest.

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