Here's the legend of Colorado's Shep the Turnpike Dog who showed up on a construction site and became a permanent turnpike employee.

The Legend of Shep Started in 1950

The legend of Shep the Turnpike dog starts in 1950 when this good boy first made his appearance on a construction site in Colorado. Shep showed on the construction site of the Boulder-Denver Turnpike and never left.

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Shep the Turnpike Showed Up to Work Every Single Day

No one knew where he came from or who his owner was, but Shep the Turnpike Dog decided to stick around. The Boulder-Denver Turnpike opened in 1952 and Shep the Turnpike Dog made sure he showed up to work every single day. Shep helped the toll attendants collect tolls and everyone absolutely adored him.

Drivers Would Donate Money For Shep's Food + Toys

According to History Colorado, lots of drivers even paid more than required all because of Shep. People would donate money to go toward Shep the Turnpike dog's food, toys, and treats.

Some would even pull over to take this legendary dog's picture and we don't blame them, we would too. His position at the Boulder-Denver Turnpike was described as the 'honorary toll booth greeter' according to Broomfield Depot Museum's Facebook.

Colorado's Shep the Turnpike Dog Honored in Multiple Ways

As we all know, all dogs to heaven and so did Shep. When he passed away on August 3, 1964, Shep's remains were buried on the side of the road by highway maintenance. He now rests in the Broomfield Depot Museum and according to History Colorado his marker says 'Shep, 1950-1964, Party Shepherd- Mostly Affection.'

Colorado's Shep the Turnpike Dog has been honored in multiple different ways including having a picture book called 'Shep the Turnpike Dog' written about him as well as a bridge in Broomfield named after him which was named 'Shep's Crossing.'

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