After Colorado's most recent school shooting the author of the "Anarchist Cookbook" says it should be taken out of print!

According to many news agencies, William Powell, the author of the INFAMOUS "Anarchist Cookbook" says he'd like it taken out of print after lasts weeks school shooter, high schooler Karl Pierson was tied to the book.

In addition to Pierson, who left a fellow student in a coma and had target other classrooms before he took his own life, the book has also been linked to perpetrators in other incidents like:

According to NBC Powell was a 19-year-old opponent of the Vietnam War when he wrote the book and believed violence was justified if it could prevent greater violence, a position he's since renounced saying,

it is no longer responsible or defensible to keep [his book] in print."

He's even posted a WARNING to would-be buyers on Amazon for the book.

However the current publishers that own the rights to the book say they have no intention of pulling the volume.

What do you think?

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