If you like to ride mountain bikes, you know finding a trail where you don't have to worry about pedestrians on the trail is difficult if not impossible.

But you would be wrong.

Welcome to the Sluice, a 1.3-mile adventure that sits on Floyd Hill in Clear Creek County.

The Colorado Mountain Bike Association's (COMBA) project is part of the new trail system at Floyd Hill and is the only mountain bike only trail in Colorado. The trail system has a total of 12 miles planned, with most of them designated as multi-use.

The trail, which is a moderate to difficult trail, designated blue square/black diamond, begins at an elevation of 8,000 feet and rockets you down the trail full of step-ups, step-downs, berms, jumps, and drops. You can vary your experience as well, with some trails offering less adrenaline-pumping areas.

Keep in mind if you are just beginning to ride mountain bikes in settings such as this, you may want to avoid it for a while. This trail is not for the newbie.

But if you are experienced in trail riding your mountain bike, you might want to check it out.

I've heard the views are fantastic as well if you can look long enough.

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