Colorado is rich in history and also rich in historic places.

In just about every part of the state, you will find a place that has a rich history or is registered on the National Register of Historic Places.

Let's take a quick Colorado history tour.

Just north of La Junta, Colorado stands Bent's Old Fort, an important trading post that at the time was situated along the border with Mexico and was built in 1833. It was a place where all the people of the time could interact, including European settlers and the plains Indians.

Right here in our own back yard, the monument, as we call it around here is also steeped in rich history. Founded in 1911, the monument has some of the most recognizable features in the area. Many of the structures on the monument were done by depression-era programs such as the Public Works Administration (PWA), Works Progress Administration (WPA), and the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).

Religion, architecture, and Archaeology are all well represented here with finds dating to 6,000 BC. At one time several groups used the land to raise their livestock.

While only recently listed on the National Register of Historic Places (2007) the history of the site is a somber one. Its significance comes from the infamous Sand Creek Massacre in November of 1864 when Colorado soldiers attacked over 500 Arapahoe and Cheyenne who were camped in the area.

The more you look around Colorado, the more you find that is fascinating and educational.

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