The Colorado peach harvest season is in full swing, and during the last weeks of summer, we are sure to enjoy this year's peaches now being sold on many street corners in Grand Junction, Fruita, and Palisade.

What is your favorite way to eat a peach? Do you like it by itself or as part of a recipe for something delicious? We asked you to share your favorite way to enjoy Colorado peaches.

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Colorado's Peach Harvest

Peaches are picked most of the summer from May to September in Colorado. I've seen more peach stands pop up in the past couple of weeks than I know what to do with. Palisade Peaches have been growing in the Grand Valley since settler John Harlow planted the first fruit trees in 1882.

What Kind of Peaches Grow in Palisade?

Palisade, Colorado grows several varieties of peaches. You'll find PF1, Redhaven, Allstar, PF5B, Starfire, Cresthaven, Rising star, Glowhaven, J.H. Hale, Early Redhaven, Roza, Coralstar, and PF Fat Lady all growing in the orchards around Palisade. You'll find more than 30 different vendors selling peaches in Palisade alone. Tap this link for more info about them all. 

What is Your Favorite Way to Enjoy a Colorado Peach?

Scroll through the photos below to see great suggestions like Cynthia Hettle-Shuff's habanero peach jam recipe. Peach salsa, peach margaritas, and even peach pizza have our mouths watering for more. Find the link below to add your favorite way to eat a peach to the list. 

Grand Junction's Favorite Ways to Enjoy Fresh Colorado Peaches

Late summer is a great time of year for Peaches in Colorado. What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy fresh Colorado peaches? Scroll on to see the ways we use peaches in some of our favorite dishes on the Western Slope.

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