Summertime is here, so where are you cooling off?

It's just not summer without some sort of swimming. For me, it's crucial to have a body of water at my disposal otherwise I melt. For many people, a pool is a great way to cool off however, living where we live certainly opens up other options. We have the great outdoors and with it comes nature's swimming pools. And there are plenty to choose from.

So where can we find the best swimming hole in Colorado?

Well, according to a list published by Uproxx, the best swimming hole in Colorado is Devil's Punch Bowl. Although you'll find several of these "punch bowls" across the state, the best one is just outside of Aspen.

And it's because of the cliffs.

Devil's Punch Bowl has 20-foot cliffs all around it and they're all begging for you to jump off of them. I've never experienced it, but it looks like a complete adrenaline rush. Aaaannnnd slightly terrifying. Once you conquer this hot spot, perhaps you'll try the other punch bowl near Crested Butte. I hear that one is a little more difficult to get to though.

Where is your favorite swimming hole in Colorado?

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