The more traffic increases in Western Colorado, the more we will see intersections fill up with signal lights and roundabouts to help ease the flow of cars for commuters.

Roundabouts are one of many solutions to such issues as Grand Junction continues to grow. Some intersections are good with simple stop signs while major intersections require more control.

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Grand Junction, Home of Roundabouts

The city of Grand Junction has been leaning into roundabouts since the mid-90s. Most feedback I hear about roundabouts is awful, and I can not repeat those statements here. However, we had several of you tell us in the gallery below that you don't mind roundabouts at all. We also heard from many who dislike every last one of them.

The Cost of Traffic Lights

Stop signs are cheap but people like to steal them or sometimes knock them over. Traffic lights and traffic signals can cost a city hundreds of thousands of dollars. Roundabouts can cost just as much when building them around a major highway but can be much cheaper than signals when used in areas like Downtown Grand Junction.

Nobody Loves Roundabouts More Than the French

Did you know it is easier to find out how many roundabouts are in France than in Western Colorado? VisitNormandy says that the country of France is home to more than 320,000,000 roundabouts. Stop the insanity!

We asked Grand Junction where are the most annoying roundabouts here at home. Here are the top answers.

Grand Junction Sounds Off About the Worst Roundabouts in Town

Controlling traffic is not cheap these days. As the number of commuters continues to grow in Colorado, so does the need to mediate the flow of traffic. A community can select between stop signs, traffic lights, and roundabouts to help out but they all come at a cost. Check out the roundabouts Grand Junction gets annoyed by the most below.

MORE: The Worst Intersections in Grand Junction According to You

Which intersection is the worst one in Grand Junction? Hard to say. Scroll through the answers below and see if your least favorite intersection made the list. If it did not reach out with our station app and tell us your suggestion so we can add it to the list.

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It doesn't snow often in Grand Junction, but when it does traffic can be a mess. While the snow was falling on Wednesday of this week we asked you which roads you try to avoid the most when it snows. Here are the top answers:

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