Are you a picky eater when it comes to pizza? I only have two conditions. It still has to be hot and not have any toppings that I don't care for. Otherwise, I usually like pizza from just about anywhere.

This is not the case for the peeps at They just named the five worst pizza places in America, and I am shocked at a few of the locations on the list below. All five can be found here in Colorado.

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Pizza To Avoid in Colorado

According to, these are the five places to avoid when you are hungry for pizza in Colorado:

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Maybe the staff at grew up in a city known for amazing pizza or something? I grew up in Chicago with legendary pizza joints around every corner, but it did not make me this much of a pizza snob. I have had perfectly good pizza from all five restaurants on this list. Was it as good as some places? No, it was not. However, many pizza chains are often going for low cost and speed. Like many things, you get what you pay for.

Most Common Complaints

The most common complaints about these five types of pizza were about toppings and ingredients. People love fresh hot pizza. Anything less is a disappointment.

Where Are Colorado's Chuck E Cheese Locations?

There are more than 600 Chuck E Cheese locations open for business in America. Here in Colorado, we have seven locations. You'll find two locations in Colorado Springs and one location each in the cities of Aurora, Englewood, Lone Tree, Greeley, and Superior.

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Do you agree with, or do you have a different opinion? What is your favorite place for pizza in Fruita/Grand Junction? Open our station app and tell us about your favorite.

The Nation’s Worst Pizza Chain Has 7 Colorado Locations recently named five pizza places you'll want to avoid the next time you have a craving for pizza. We'll countdown the five pizza places to avoid, and take a look at how many locations each restaurant has in the Centennial State.

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