You know you're a true Coloradan when you say these words and phrases. Something I've learned over my first year of living in Colorado is that people here are proud. They're hard-working, good people that are understandably proud to call Colorado home, and I get that. Heck, I've only been here for a year with my family and we absolutely love it.

I've also noticed and picked up on some things that people say. Words and phrases that are certainly unique to Colorado, so I thought we would talk about it on our show and bring it up over our social media sites and the response has been awesome. There were words and phrases that I'm super familiar with like "NoCo" and "FoCo" but there were some words, phrases, and other random things brought up that were completely new to me, which is exactly what I was looking for.

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Like I had no idea that I-25 was also called "The Valley Highway." I also learned that the area in Denver where I absolutely hate driving, especially at the wrong time which I'm also quickly finding out is most of the time, the I-25/I-70 interchange is also called  "The Mouse Trap." I got a few other names for it but I'll save those for later.

There are a bunch, in fact, let's roll through some of my personal favorite answers for words and phrases that you will only hear in Colorado.

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