A Colorado woman is in quite a rough spot right now after she has been told that she owes a considerable amount of money in toll fees that she did not accrue. The kicker? The tolls were racked up by an unmarked police car using her stolen license plates on the vehicle.

The woman, 52-year-old Debra Romero of Westminster, had her license plates stolen off of her car not too long ago. The plates remained unclaimed long enough that the Longmont police department attached them to one of their unmarked vehicles to patrol with.

Unfortunately for Romero, not only did she get her plates stolen but the police driving the unmarked vehicle with her plates used the toll road E-470 so often that they racked up toll fees totaling $1592.

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Now, Romero is being asked to pay these fees, even though it wasn't her driving the vehicle.

In addition, Romero has extensive back problems and is requiring a third back surgery. Not only is the woman stuck with the $1500 bill that she did not accrue, the upcoming medical bills for her back surgery, but she is currently relying on her children to get her back and forth to doctors' visits with regard to the upcoming surgery.

Luckily, police are currently aware of the situation and have been quoted as saying that they plan to fix the predicament that Romero is in and make everything right.

In fact, Longmont Deputy Police Chief Jeff Satur was quoted as saying, "She does not deserve to be in that situation" and plans to change the way that the police department handles license plates on unmarked vehicles.

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