The KEKB Cash Cow is back, and Moolah has your shot at up to $30,000 this fall with our free station app. What would you do with the Cash Cow jackpot of $30K?

We asked you to tell us about your Win Cash dreams by using the chat feature on our free station app. Tell us what you would do with the money, and where you would spend it in Grand Junction, Fruita, Palisade, or anywhere in Western Colorado.

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There are 10 Chances a Day To Win Cash With the Cash Cow

The Cash Cow's first code is announced as close to 8:20 AM as we can get it each weekday morning. Codes are hourly from 8a to 5p and are announced at about::20 past the hour through the workday. When you hear a three-digit code on the radio, open our app and hit the Win Cash button to enter the code.

Win Cash Tips for Pros

Play with a friend or co-worker. An extra set of ears to help you listen for the hourly codes comes in really handy. Some offices in Grand Junction get everyone to play and agree to split the money in the office. Everyone enters the codes for an even better chance to win the jackpot. You can make this happen with your coworkers too.

How Would You Spend $30K?

Dream big and let us know what you would do if you won the Cash Cow's Jackpot of $30,000. Send us a text or voice message with the app so we can let everyone know how you would celebrate winning the KEKB Cash Cow Jackpot.

How Would Grand Junction Spend $30,000 with the KEKB Cash Cow?

Your chance to Win Cash is back on your favorite radio station ten times a day. Grab our free station app to find out all the info, and ten tips to make winning easy, and enter the codes that you hear on the radio station. You could win up to $30,000 to spend however you want. What would you do with the money if you won?

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