The Wildlife Animal Sanctuary has welcomed their first ever domesticated raccoon. Jake the raccoon looks like the sweetest addition to the sanctuary.

Jake the raccoon now lives at the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg but used to live in an apartment. This is how Jake found his way to sanctuary -- literally.

Jake's owner moved to Colorado and found out that he couldn't keep Jake without a license. Instead of keeping him illegally, the owner got in touch with the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary.

After his owner surrendered him, Jake the raccoon moved to the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary. Jake is the sanctuary's first ever domesticated raccoon and they are happy to have him around.

Raccoons have this adorably fierce weirdness about them. They're almost like a cat, but with tiny little hands. You can train raccoons to be litter trained, recognize your tone and learn commands too. I'm happy Jake's owner decided to get in touch with the Wildlife Animal Sanctuary instead of keeping him illegally.

I'm sure that Jake the raccon is now living large in a custom mansion.

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