Colorado is a state that is full of highways that are designated "high risk" for wildlife accidents. Even the most cautious drivers can still be surprised by an animal running across the highway. Do you know what to do if you strike wildlife on the road in Colorado?

Keep reading to look at six steps to take immediately following a wildlife collision in Colorado from the good neighbors at State Farm.

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Six Steps To Take If You Hit A Deer In Colorado

State Farm estimates that about 1.5 million wildlife collisions occur annually in America. October and November are typically the worst months for these accidents in the Centennial State.

Step 1 - Move Your Vehicle To A Safe Place

Pull over to the side of the road and turn on your hazard lights. Many wildlife collisions happen at dawn or dusk, making your vehicle harder to see for oncoming traffic.

Step 2 - Call The Police

Report the accident and any injuries to the police. Let them know if the accident or the animal is blocking traffic. If there has been property damage, you may need an accident report. You will need this later for any insurance claims.

Step 3 - Take Photos of What Happened

Document the accident. Take photos of the animal and damage to your vehicle or surrounding property, and document any injuries. If there are witnesses, take down their contact info and account of what happened.

Step 4 - Stay Away from the Animal

Frightened animals can cause you even more harm. Stay away from the animal if it is still alive or injured.

Step 5 - Contact Your Insurance Agent

The sooner you report any injuries or damage to your vehicle the faster your insurance company can start working on your claim. It's best to let them know as soon as you are done talking to the police.

Step 6 - Is Your Vehicle Safe To Drive?

Is your car safe to keep driving after your accident? Check for leaking fluids, damaged tires, and broken lights, and check the hood and trunk of your vehicle to be sure they still latch. If your vehicle is damaged, call for a tow instead of trying to drive down the road.

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