As many in Grand Junction, Colorado know, if you don't clean out the trunk of your vehicle very often it can be easy to forget what is back there. From the trunk to the backseat, we're about to disclose some of the weird things Coloradans have discovered in our car.

To share something notable that you keep in the back of your car, or the trunk, open our station app and send us a message. We've got seventeen of the weirdest examples in the photo gallery below. Can your item beat the ones below?

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The Great Shopping Bag Calamity

We heard from many who said they keep their reusable shopping bags in the back of their car. They mentioned this because if the bags are out of sight they constantly forget to take them in the store with them. This results in purchasing more bags, or sending the kids back out to the car to get them before bagging their purchases.

Seasonal Items

Living in Colorado, we heard from plenty of people who keep tire chains in the back of their vehicles all the time. Others have endless strings of camping lights (yet no extension chords). Does anyone keep gifts or birthday presents in the back of their car still? Is it still one of the only places the kids don't think to look?

Colorado Wildlife Encounters

From horse halters to caged chickens, we heard from plenty of hearty folks who keep gear in their vehicle to assist with animal encounters. One comment included a snake hook which reminded me to go get one and keep it in my car. I keep meaning to get one, lol.

What Weird Things Do Coloradans Keep in The Trunk?

Sometimes it can be easy to forget the things that we toss in the back of the car. From the back seat to the trunk, keep scrolling to see what odd things Coloradans told us they keep in their cars.

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