Did you know that the state of Colorado ranked #8 in the nation for wealthiest states in 2022? According to USNews.com, Colorado has a median household income of just over $82,000. Is anyone in your home making that much each year?

Where are the top ten richest communities in Colorado, and how much income do the residents in these towns take home each year? Scroll on for a closer look at the communities living the high life in the Centennial State.

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Colorado's Leading Employment Sectors

The industries that have Colorado in the top ten in the nation include trade, transportation, and utilities. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says Colorado employs more than 500,000 individuals in these sectors as of 2022

Colorado's Top Ten Wealthiest Communities

Many of Colorado's wealthiest communities are located near Denver. Scroll on to see a breakdown of each community in the photo gallery below.

Where is Colorado's Wealthiest Community?

According to Homesnacks.com, Colorado's wealthiest community is in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. With a population of just over 6600 residents, this town boasts a median income of $250,001. The median home price here is 1.9 million dollars.

Keep going for a closer look at each community in Colorado's top ten.

Living the High Life: Exploring Colorado's 10 Wealthiest Communities

Show me the money, Colorado. We're taking a look at the top ten wealthiest communities in the Centennial State. Find out which communities are home to some of the top incomes in the state along with the average home price in each location.

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