Colorado is home to about 100 Walmart stores in 2023. We have a dozen stores in western Colorado and three locations in Grand Junction. We did not see Walmart close any locations in our state this year, but others were not as lucky.

The retail industry has been hit hard since the start of the pandemic by an increase in shoplifting. Losses due to retail theft can quickly close a store in just a few months. Research groups say the average retailer has taken a 2-3% loss over the past year due to retail theft alone.

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The Aisle Of Shame Report estimates that Walmart's losses due to theft/shoplifting could reach six billion per year by the end of 2023. Many of the most stolen items are smaller purchases nclude clothing, food, and over-the-counter medication.

Walmart's Most Stolen Items

Walmart says cosmetic items are usually one of the most stolen items each year, and it's on top of the list again in 2023. Walmart says lipgloss, lipstick, and mascara are some of the most stolen cosmetics in-store. Sadly, many of these items are now kept under lock and key, making it harder for customers to handle merchandise before purchase.

Added Security At Self Checkout

To decrease the number of stolen items, Walmart has ramped up security with cameras, scanners, and mobile technology to keep watch over customers at self-checkout. A former Walmart employee details the process on TikTok in the video below.

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See the Top 10 most stolen items from Walmart stores nationwide, including Colorado, in the photo gallery below.

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