It seems that Colorado has a language all its own.

The Urban Dictionary is full of slang terms that have become associated with particular items or activities or people. Sometimes those definitions are pretty rude and crude - and downright disgusting. I chose to completely avoid those terms, but some of the terms are interesting.

The Urban Dictionary Can Be A Scary Place

What we can find in the Urban Dictionary is a glossary of terms exclusive to Colorado. Again, some of the terms and their definitions are pretty horrible. But, along the way, you'll find some terms and definitions you can relate to - and they might even give you a smile.

Learning the Language

It's quite possible you aren't familiar with many of the slang terms and phrases found in the Urban Dictionary that were born and bred right here in Colorado. I know I wasn't. So, I decided to share a few of them with you so you can be enlightened in regards to Colorado's unique language.

As I was compiling this list from the Urban Dictionary, I came up with a couple of my own terms that may not necessarily be unique to Colorado, but, we've all seen these things happen - and I gave them Colorado names.The terms I came up with are  Colorado White Out and Colorado Suprise. You'll find their definitions in the gallery below, but I can tell you if you think those terms pertain to weather, you would be incorrect.

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Can You Come Up With Some "Urban" Colorado Terms?

By the way, if you get any ideas and come up with some of your own terms for the Urban Dictionary, message me on the station app and, if they are family-friendly, I will add them to the gallery.

Do You Know These Odd Terms From the Colorado Urban Dictionary?

If you have ever seen the Urban Dictionary online, you know it can be pretty crude and disgusting. But, if you search deep enough you'll find some terms that you can relate to and appreciate. I'm not even sure how these terms ever came into existence, but over the course of time, they have been woven into the fabric of society. You'll find a number of Colorado terms in the Urban Dictionary along with their meanings and I decided to share a few of them with you, plus, I've added a couple of my own at the end.

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Coloradans say they're from Colorado without saying they're from Colorado and here's what they say.

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And whoever threw a missile at a car is someone we'd like to meet.

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