Contrary to Shakespeare's famous phrase "what's in a name?," a name can actually tell you a lot of things.

For example, the Fort Collins History Connection attributes the Choice City's name to a man named Lieutenant Colonel William O. Collins, who was a cavalry commander in the Overland Trail area.

Around 1864, he set up a military fort known as "Camp Collins" in the place we call home today — thus, the name Fort Collins was born.

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However, it can be even more interesting to ask the question: what's in a nickname?

Let's take a look at the aforementioned 'Choice City.' According to Erin Udell of The Coloradoan, Fort Collins either got the moniker because it was a safer place to live than Denver during the Cold War or because of an advertising campaign created by the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce.

No offense to Lt. Col. Collins (he ended up moving to Ohio anyway), but I think the mystery behind Fort Collins' nickname might offer a more compelling backstory than its actual namesake.

Plus, the handle sums up Fort Collins pretty well. Maybe I'm biased, but I'd say that Horsetooth Reservoir, the craft beer scene, and Old Town are all very...choice.

So, when I came across Uncover Colorado's list of town nicknames in the Centennial State, I had to learn more about the meanings behind these unique monikers.

Read on to see some of Colorado's most interesting town nicknames — and find out how they came to be.

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