There is a sense of pride I get when I wake up each morning and come to work. It's something that my parents taught me at a young age if you want anything in life you have to work very hard to get it. More than ever I appreciate them teaching me a good work ethic. But I realize not everyone operates the same way that I do. With so many businesses struggling to hire workers, I find it interesting to hear from 9News the state of Colorado will continue paying $300 in unemployment benefits.

As of now, more than 20 state governors have decided to end those extra federal benefits in hopes that will make people want to go back to work, to get more money. All of these extra benefits are set to expire in September, but many governors are set to end the benefits this weekend.

More Than 90% of Colorado Restaurants Are Looking to Hire Staff Members

You see signs or posts online all the time about businesses, especially restaurants looking to hire right now in Colorado. And 65% of restaurant managers say that potential employees are choosing to stay on unemployment benefits. This is exactly why so many states around Colorado have decided to end those benefits.

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The State of Colorado Does Have a Work Incentive Program in Place

The State of Colorado has started the Colorado Jumpstart program where those who go back to work could earn an incentive payment of $1,600.

For me, I will continue showing up to work each day and doing the best I can.

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