There are two kinds of people in the world - those that have jobs and those that don't.

Not everybody needs to have a job, but for those that do, it's a precious commodity - or so you would think. However, we all know that since the pandemic there seems to be a large chunk of the population that would rather not work - even though they need the money. The positive side of that is the fact that the worker shortage has pressured many employers to raise wages and improve working conditions.

Today's Workers Are Less Likely To Lose Their Jobs

As a result of these trends, today's workers are less likely to face discharges than at any time in the last two decades, according to a report from  A discharge represents all involuntary separations, including layoffs, firings, and terminations. However, the report indicates that an average of more than 28,000 Coloradans are discharged every month.

Colorado Ranks #29 In the Nation

On a list of states where workers are highly unlikely to lose their jobs, Colorado ranks 29th in the nation with an average monthly discharge rate of 1.0%. The states at the top of the list include Indiana, Texas, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and Kansas.

Discharge rates have dropped across the country, according to the report. Industries like arts, entertainment, recreation, retail trade, and accommodation and food services are now reluctant to let go of employees, and the construction industry is discharging employees less than they were three years ago.

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More Than 28,000 Coloradans Lose Their Job Each Month

Colorado averages over 126,000 job separations each month - some are voluntary and some are not. On average, 28,375 job separations each month in Colorado are not voluntary. That means jobs that were terminated and people that were fired and laid off.

To put it all into perspective on a national scale, in March of 2020 there were 13 million discharges across the nation. Now, the number is about 1.5 million monthly. It's good news for the labor market. In September, the unemployment rate in the U.S. was at 3.5%. More people are working - and fewer people are losing their jobs.

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