Age, neglect, a poor economy, and a lack of jobs can turn any corner of Colorado into an ugly place to live. While most of Colorado could easily appear on any postcard, there are some places that are not on the top of anyone's list of favorite places to live.

Just because a town is on the ugly list doesn't necessarily mean that town is bad. Some of Colorado's ugliest towns are just down the road from some of the prettiest parts of the state. We ask you to help us name the ugliest towns in Colorado. Keep going to see the top twenty answers so far that came in on our station app.

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Ugly Colorado Attributes

Many of Colorado's ugly towns could make good use of a bulldozer over a two-week period. Old empty buildings or abandoned properties can really bring down the appeal of a community pretty quickly. One common thread among the towns on the "ugly" list is the percentage of people living below the poverty line.

Colorado's Ugliest Town

The website released a list of the ugliest towns in all 50 states a couple of years back. Colorado's ugliest town at that time was the community of Lochbuie, which is about 25 miles West of Denver. This town was described as gray, flat, and without any floral splashes of Colorado which seems odd in Colorado. Perhaps we could include Lochbuie on a list of boring towns instead? I've certainly seen uglier sections of Commerce City.

Which Colorado Towns Got the Most Ugly Votes?

Our mobile app saw several votes for the town of Craig, Colorado as the ugliest town. Complaints about old buildings, drug use, a lower graduation rate at schools, and a mindset resistant to change are all comments about the town of Craig found at

I've been through Craig a couple of times. Known as the "Elk Hunting Capital of Colorado", the outdoors around the community are beautiful so the news isn't all bad.

Keep going to see which towns Grand Junction told us are the ugliest ones in Colorado.

Are These The Ugliest Towns in the State of Colorado?

While Colorado gets my vote for the most beautiful state in America, not every town in Colorado is easy on the eyes. Like every state, we have our ugly towns too. Who gets your vote for the ugliest town in the Centennial State? See the top answers so far in the photo gallery below.

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