Are you exhausted? Stressed out and at your wit's end? Do you love the sounds one can only find in Colorado's magnificent outdoors? If so, this video featuring a wondrous Colorado location is for you.

The world is going crazy over ASMR videos. This one out of Colorado may very well be the cream of the crop.

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What is ASMR?

Have you heard of ASMR? It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Personally, I'm hooked on the stuff. Videos claiming to be ASMR abound. A new batch pops up every few minutes on Youtube.

Most ASMR videos feature "ASMR artists" speaking softly as they brush someone's hair, or lightly massage someone's back. If you've watched these videos, you are no doubt aware not all ASMR videos are created equal. Quite frankly, many are ridiculous.

According to, "ASMR is the term for the sensation people get when they watch stimulating videos or take part in other activities — usually ones that involve personal attention. Many people describe the feeling as 'tingles' that run through the back of someone’s head and spine. Others say the feeling is deeply relaxing, and can even cause them to fall asleep."

3 Hours of Unbelievably Restful ASMR Magic From Colorado

Please check out the video above. I believe you'll find it to be nothing short of amazing. According to the info provided with the video:

3 Hours of mountain and nature Soundscape for sleep and study, Twin Lakes, Colorado. Spent about 10 days in the mountains of Colorado recording the nature soundscapes. All of the audio and video were taken in Twin Lakes, full of good hiking and scenic views. Unfortunately, there were still some locations I couldn't go due to the weather and roads. For the duration of my trip, it was below freezing temperatures, so I captured sounds around the frozen lake, birds, snowfall, and ice. At some points, you can hear animals' footsteps when they are close to examine the microphone. If you find the video relaxing, feel free to use the soundscape for sleep or study. Enjoy!

Where is Twin Lakes, Colorado?

According to, "Resting in the shadow of Colorado’s tallest peak, Twin Lakes is one of Colorado's most scenic locations. The community lies adjacent to the state's two largest glacial lakes along the Top of the Rockies Scenic and Historic Byway." adds, "Once a mining transportation hub that served the communities of Leadville and Aspen, today Twin Lakes is a place to get away from it all."

Twin Lakes Colorado map
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What Does One Do With This Video

I'm an ASMR junkie. Trust me, a good ASMR video will not only help you wind down, many will knock you out, literally. Some of the better ASMR artists would be Whispers Red (Emma Smith) and Semide Coco. That, of course, is an opinion. Nomadic Ambience, those behind the Colorado ASMR video above, are geniuses.

This might be just what the doctor ordered. It's relaxing, non-addictive (at least in the chemical sense), and free. Enjoy.

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Whether they might be ski towns, old mining towns, or towns known for their hot springs, Colorado has no shortage of great small towns. I've lived in four very different parts of Colorado in my 34 years on this planet, (Eagle, Pueblo, Fort Collins, and Grand Junction,) and have traveled all over the state.

However, The Crazy Tourist's list of the 15 best small towns to visit in Colorado actually features some towns that I've never been to.

According to The Crazy Tourist, these are the 15 best small towns to visit in Colorado.

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Just because some of these towns are populated by very few people, that doesn't mean they are not home to big things.

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