Colorado is home to a diverse population to be sure. There are people living in Colorado from nearly every state in the US. But what state has more people here than any other?

First, you have to look at why. That part is easy, it's Colorado. The beauty of our state is one of the most amazing on the planet, so it's no surprise people want to live here. Add in all of the fun and exciting things you can do here and it becomes obvious why people want to move to Colorado.

So, where is everyone coming from? The U.S. Census has data from 2018 showing where people who live in Colorado came from, and it's a pretty impressive list, numbers-wise.

From Delaware, where there are 4,213 residents, to California, with 365,982 residents now calling Colorado home, people literally came from all over to live here. Texas (200,481), Illinois(155,086) and New York (135,248) also have over 100,000 former residents here. Less than half of the population of Colorado was born here. Seems like the great migration to Colorado will never end, and that people will keep moving to our beautiful state.

Who can blame them?

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