When Americans think of "tornado alley," we usually think of someplace in Kansas or Oklahoma. Most Coloradans know that America's tornado capital is found here in the Centennial State.

Did you know that one Colorado county sees more tornadoes and tornado segments than anyplace else in America?

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Why Does Weld County Have So Many Tornadoes?

Weld County Colorado
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Weld County, Colorado, is the tornado capital of America. There have been more tornadoes in Weld County, Colorado, than anyplace else since 1950. Severe weather in Weld County is a result of the landscape. The Cheyenne Ridge sits to the north of Weld County, with the Palmer Divide to the south. This causes a convergence line where the air comes together. This convergence line runs from Castle Rock up through Aurora and into the middle of Weld County. This area is known as the Denver Vorticity Convergence Zone.

Tornadoes in Colorado in 2023

When air masses come together in the Denver Vorticity Convergence Zone, it forces the air to start to spin. This results in several smaller tornadoes that help push Weld County to the top of the list of places with the most tornadoes. In 2023, this resulted in 76 tornadoes in Colorado this year from January until the end of August.

Colorado saw Two different EF-3 Tornadoes this year. This has not happened in almost 30 years.

Colorado Breaks a Hail Record

As severe weather in the convergence zone has gotten stronger this year, so have the thunderstorms that drop large amounts of hail. Did you know Colorado broke a record this summer for the largest hail piece to ever fall from the sky in the Centennial State? A hailstone that fell in Yuma County measured 5.25 inches the day it fell. This was produced by a storm that also resulted in several smaller tornadoes.

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