A new study found residents in Colorado are the most likely in the U.S. to use the vacation time they earn.

The study conducted by U.S. Travel is titled Project: Time Off found Coloradans took 20.7 days off in 2017 compared to the national average of 17.2 days.

The study also found that Colorado residents spent 11.2 days traveling compared to the national average of 8. The state's residents take an average of 2.4 vacations per year with 1.3 of those overnight vacations in Colorado.

While Colorado residents take the most vacation time, they also have higher than the national average number of unused vacation time. Approximately 68% of workers in Colorado don't use all of their accrued vacation time compared to the national average of 52%.

It should also be noted workers in Colorado earn the highest national average of vacation with an average of 27.9 days compared to the national average of 23.2.

Here are Project: Time Off's Top 5 State Vacation and Travel Rankings

  1. Colorado
  2. Virginia
  3. Arizona
  4. Connecticut
  5. Minnesota
  1. Colorado
  2. New Mexico
  3. Mississippi
  4. Maryland
  5. North Dakota

Even though Coloradans accrue and take the most time off, U.S. World and News Report say only 40% report their employer encourages time off and only 39% say they feel comfortable completely unplugging from work while on vacation.

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