People keep all kinds of stuff up on top of the refrigerator at home.

I bet we could pick any street in Grand Junction and ask 10 people what is on top of the refrigerator and likely get 10 unique answers.

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When we asked you this question, you had us cracking up with the funny answers, and even re-thinking our own setup after hearing some of the responses from Western Colorado below.

What Do Coloradans Keep On The Top of the Fridge?

Would you keep a television on top of the fridge? Maybe your family did at one point over the years. Maybe there is a radio up there? I've seen some people keep giant fish tanks up on top of the fridge as well. What have you got up there?

Grand Junction Tells Us What is On Top of the Fridge

Scroll through the fun answers below and find out a little more about each other. In the original QOTD, you'll also find the 20 or so people who I think may have misunderstood and thought I'm actually coming over to try to go through their kitchen. All in good fun.

Colorado Shares All the Weird Things On Top of the Fridge

The space on top of the refrigerator can sometimes become a black hole of storage for odd items we all reach for on the go.

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