When was the last time you studied the rules of the road in Colorado? My nephew just turned 16 and passed his driver's test, to help him do this I also got a refresher about common traffic violations lots of people simply forget about.

Keep going for a look at some of Colorado's simple, yet easy to forget, traffic violations that can take money right out of your bank account if you're not careful.

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Everyone Makes a Mistake Now and Then

I am the worst about not noticing I am parked on the white lines of a crosswalk in Grand Junction. I seriously do try to stop before the lines and not on them, but someday this one is gonna cost me points on my license. I'm pretty good about not texting and driving, but I feel like that one gets all of us eventually.

The Light Was Yellow, Officer

Trying to make it through an intersection during a yellow light is not illegal, but it is a roll of the dice. If the light turns red while your car is still passing through the intersection you are in violation. Hopefully, there is not a cop around when this happens because it's a $75 fine.

Following Too Closely in Colorado

When was the last time you noticed how many seconds were between you and the car in front of you while you sat in traffic on Patterson Road at 5 p.m.? Safe following distance means leaving a three-second gap between you and the car ahead of you. This should be observed even when traffic is creeping along slowly.

Keep going to check out ten helpful reminders that will keep you from getting a traffic violation in the Centennial State.

10 Common Traffic Violations You May Have Forgotten in Colorado

If it has been a while since you studied your rules of the road in Colorado, here are ten helpful reminders about violations that are sometimes easily forgotten. Scroll through the list below. Did you find a violation you had forgotten or did not know?

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