A 17-year-old boy from Colorado  Nathaniel Holmes has been missing since December. Nathaniel's dad spends about two hours looking for him every single day.

The last time Nathaniel Holmes was seen, was when his mom dropped him off at Hidden Lake High School on December 19 in Westminster. Nathaniel never made it to second period and no one knows where he is.

Authorities believe that Nathaniel ran away, because nothing indicates he was taken or kidnapped, according to People.com. Nathaniel's dad, Ben, says that his son vanishing is completely out of character.

Ben spends two hours a day searching for his son, looking about 50 miles north of Arvada and 80 miles south. He's put about 20,000 miles on his vehicles looking for Nathaniel and has no plans of stopping.

Nathaniel's dad looks in the worst areas of town, at homeless shelters, puts up flyers, and asks police officers to help find his son.

Ben says all of his kids are great kids and they are a very close family, which is extra troubling. Ben also says that the day before his son went missing and the day of wereboth pretty strange, here's why.

Nathaniel got in trouble at his new high school, which made his dad think he might have fallen in with a bad crowd. The day before he went missing, Nathaniel came home 'on something' and since his dad had to work, his dad sent him to his mom's so he could be supervised.

According to People.com Nathaniel stopped by his dad's house to grab a folder for class, which is when his dad told him ' we need to talk when you get home tonight.'

This is the last time Ben saw his son. He's tried to break into Nathaniel's iPad and has searched for clues everywhere to no avail. There's a $10,000 reward for information about Nathaniel's disappearance.

Nathaniel's room remains the same and his family is waiting for his return. There's a Facebook group called 'Bring Nathaniel Home' which dedicated to bringing their son, their brother and their friend, Nathaniel back home.

If you have any information regarding Nathaniel Homes, contact Westminster Police at 303-658-4360.

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