Welcome to September! It's a creepy-crawly time of year in the Centennial State as our western tarantulas are on the move.

If you have plans in the Colorado plains this month or have a trip planned to say the Comanche National Grasslands, you'll be in tarantula territory until the first hard freeze arrives later in the fall.

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Tarantulas Are On The Move in Colorado

While some call it a 'migration' the tarantulas aren't really migrating as they are actively looking for a mate. There are highways near the Comanche National Grasslands that have dozens of male tarantulas zipping across the roadways each afternoon looking for a female mate.

Western Colorado is not without its tarantula activity, but they tend to be smaller 'mini tarantulas'  that live mainly in the Montrose, Montezuma, and San Miguel areas according to Denver News 7.

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