Did you know there's a manmade structure in Colorado that stands at 1,995 feet? At that height, it's one of the tallest manmade structures in the world.

You'll find this amazing tower east of Denver, Colorado. According to Wikipedia, it ranks as the 41st tallest structure on Earth.

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WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

What Brought This Up?

Last weekend, I watched the movie "Fall." This highly-rated movie involves two young adrenaline junkies who choose to climb the B67 KXTV/KOVR Tower in Walnut Grove, California. If you're ever in need of purging your bladder in a hurry, watch this movie.

The B67 tower stands at an amazing 2,049 feet. Built in 1986, it is the tallest structure in California, and as of 2001, the third-tallest guyed mast in the world.

This Got Me Wondering...

What about Colorado's radio and TV towers? What is the tallest tower in Colorado? Given the state's altitude, how tall is this tower after you take into account the basement elevation?

Located In Eastern Colorado

Have you ever heard of the Hoyt Radio Tower? Until 20 minutes ago, I hadn't, and I was born in Colorado.

Well, it's the tallest manmade structure in Colorado, and one of the tallest structures in the world. The Hoyt Radio Tower reaches an amazing 1,995 feet. The tower's basement is situated at 4,951 feet above sea level. At that elevation, the Hoyt Radio Tower is not only one of the world's tallest structures but is one of the only supertall structures in the world whose basement sits at an altitude of over 1,000 meters.

History of the Hoyt Radio Tower

According to Route You, the Hoyt Radio Tower was built in 2003 by Acme Towers, LLC. It is currently owned by the Denver Radio Tower Company, broadcasting for KJHM and KFCO, as well as emergency services.

Unlike shorter towers which are typically painted red and white so as to be seen by aircraft, the Hoyt Radio Tower is unpainted and uses strobe lights for aircraft warnings.

How To Find Hoyt, Colorado

Finding the small community of Hoyt is not an easy thing to do. Cell reception is spotty at best on the Colorado plains. The website ndhfilms.com offers directions:

  • To begin, head east on CO SH 52, which is the highway that goes through Ft. Lupton and Dacono.
  • Keep heading east, through Keenesburg, past the Wild Animal Sanctuary, and through Prospect Valley.
  • LANDMARK: Eventually, you will pass a large AT&T cell tower on your left. Keep going.
  • When CO SH 52 turns left/north, make a right. Ignore the sign that says "Hoyt."
  • Where the road splits, turn right/west. You will pass by the Hoyt Cemetery.
  • Where the road splits, turn left/south.
  • If you keep going south, you will reach Hoyt, at the intersection of CR 4 and CR B.
  • The Hoyt Community Center is a bit west of here.

Before You Attempt Anything

Speaking as someone who has spent a little time around radio towers, let me tell you, they are rickety at best. There are more than a few documented tragedies involving experienced engineers who've fallen to their deaths while climbing much shorter towers.

There's always that one guy, the adrenaline junkie or base jumper who feels the need to climb one of these towers. Let the story of the movie "Fall" serve as a deterrent.

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