I have driven from Denver to Colorado Springs via I-25 several times. Most people make the trip in about an hour and ten minutes. Traffic can be nasty the entire way so it takes even longer, but most trips will include about 45 to 60 minutes of travel time. All except for the person in the video below.

All I can say is please do not try this at home. The person on the bike in the video below goes by the handle Gixxer Brah, and his average speed between Colorado Springs and Denver is 140 miles per hour.

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The Need For Speed on Colorado's I-25

Holy Smokes! How did he arrive in one piece? You can sure tell that Gixxer is completly at ease on this bike at any speed. He's so laid back when describing his attempt at a speed run between Colorado Springs and Denver. I find most people I'm driving behind struggle to just do the speed limit of 75 mph, let alone 140mph on a motorcycle.

An Expensive Habit

So how much would it have cost Gixxer Brah if he had been caught going 140mph by an officer patrolling the highway? I'm not sure an officer would try to follow someone at that speed. It would only put more people at risk. Most speeding tickets start as a Class A or B Infranction, costing around $100. Getting caught doing 25 or more over the speed limit can make it a Class 2 infraction and worse.

How Expensive Is A Class 2 Violation in Colorado

In some counties, a class 2 violation includes jail time. It could also mean six points or more against your driving record for the lone offense. Rack up 18 points within 24 months and you will be looking at a suspended license in Colorado.

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