There's a reason behind each and every Colorado law. After watching this video, you'll see the real deal consequences of not following an especially important one.

According to a press release from the Colorado State Patrol,  a state trooper narrowly avoided what would for sure be a fatal accident when a driver failed to follow Colorado's Move Over or Slow Down law.

Colorado State Patrol's Most Recent Incident

The above footage was taken on February 15, 2022, at approximately 11:34 AM. Colorado State Patrol Master Trooper Travis Hood had just stopped a 2010 Kia sedan on northbound Interstate 25 near 58th Ave in Adams county for a speeding violation.

The vehicle followed the proper protocols and pulled over into the large shoulder to the left of the HOV lane. Trooper Hood had just spoken to the driver and headed back to the patrol car in order to issue a citation.

Unfortunately, a 2008 Dodge minivan that failed to follow Colorado's Move Over or Slow Down law violently smashed into the back end of the Kia Sedan.

“Every day law enforcement officers and other roadway workers put themselves at risk in an effort to improve safety on our roadways,” says Colonel Matthew Packard, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol.

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“Sadly incidents like these happen with incredible frequency and we are fortunate that a bigger tragedy didn't play out yesterday on I-25. We are sharing this footage because it underscores the responsibility of drivers to move over and pay attention behind the wheel. There is no excuse for driving past any stopped vehicle at this rate of speed.”

The driver of the Kia, a 34-year-old male from Denver, received moderate injuries and was transported from the scene. The driver of the Dodge minivan, a 20-year-old female from Avondale, received minor injuries and received medical attention at the scene.

The woman driving the Dodge minivan also received a citation for careless driving causing injury.

What Is Colorado's Move Over or Slow Down Law?

Colorado “Move Over” law states that any driver approaching a stationary emergency, tow, or maintenance vehicle that has their lights flashing/illuminated MUST move over at least one lane away, or if unable to safely move over, reduce their speed by at least 20 MPH under the speed limit.

Please be safe and aware while driving and definitely follow all traffic laws and posted signage.

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