Maybe you've noticed this somewhere in Colorado too. Perhaps even around Grand Junction. You step out of the house on your way to work and up in the tree is something that you had not noticed before. It looks like a bird's nest, but it seems much larger. Please don't say it's one of those giant cocoons full of webworms or tent caterpillars.

Don't worry, it's probably not either of those creepy things. Do you know what it is much more likely to be? Let's take a closer look.

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Squirrel drey in a tree.
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What's That Ball of Leaves In My Tree?

Winters in Colorado can be pretty harsh. We don't like staying out in the cold and animals don't either. While some birds can build elaborate nests they usually don't build them as large as what's in the photo above. The creature who did this can't take flight, but it does want to stay warm along with its young.

This Nest Is Called A Drey

Squirrel drey
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A drey is a nest typically built by squirrels and other creatures for shelter when a "cavity nest" isn't available. We've all seen squirrels and chipmunks create a home in the notch of a tree. If a squirrel can't find a tree to burrow inside, the next best thing is to build their own nest of twigs and leaves.

Which Animals Live In A Drey?

Tree squirrel, flying squirrel, Ringtail Possum
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There are a few different creatures that will build a drey in a tree. These nests belong to your everyday tree squirrels, and flying squirrels, and they are also used by ringtail possums. Take a look and see if you spot any of these nests in your trees outside. If you see one, submit a photo with our station app.

Let's take a closer look at the assembly of a drey in the photo gallery below for a better idea of how much work our squirrels go through to keep warm.

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