If there is one thing we can be sure that criminals in Colorado never get tired of it's finding ways to steal our personal and financial information. From those ransoming your computer for Bitcoin payments to stealing your identity right off your social media account, it pays to take precautions.

The FBI has been warning Coloradans since late last year about a new threat to your personal and financial information, and what is putting you at risk could be something you are carrying around with you right now!

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Remove This Item From Your Purse Or Wallet Now

A press release by the Social Security Administration urges all Colorado residents to stop carrying their government-issued Social Security card in their wallet or purse. Losing this card to a criminal could result in your identity being stolen along with your financial information. Did you know in 49 states, all someone needs to get a Real ID under your name is a copy of your social number?

The Social Security Administration warns against carrying anything that displays your social security number to those who could steal it. One of the best ways to guard your card is to keep it at home and only get it out when you need it. Do not carry this card around with you.

Why Do Scammers Want Your SS Number?

Social Security Numbers can be compromised as part of an online data breach or found in the trash if someone is careless enough to throw them away. Once they have your number, they can do almost anything with it.

Credit.com says criminals love to take a stolen Social Security number and use it to open accounts, a line of credit, access medical forms, file taxes, or commit additional crimes. For additional security, tap this link to visit the SSA for even more tips on guarding your social security number and to find out how to get a replacement card.

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