Thanks to you, 20 snowplows across Colorado will roll into Winter 2021 with fun and fascinating new names.

The Colorado Department of Transportation conducted a "Name That Plow" contest earlier in 2021, and these are the winning submissions.

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What's In a Name?

Everything is in a name. Snowplows are cool. Give them a fancy, catchy new name, and they're uber-cool. The next time you encounter a snowplow in Colorado, you may find it sports a new designation.

Colorado's 'Name That Plow' Contest

Kids (and I suspect some adults) from all over Colorado submitted names for the inaugural "Name That Plow" contest. Out of 1,100 entries, 20 were chosen.

The creativity of Colorado’s kids shines through in this great group of names and we’re appreciative to all who offered their ideas in this first-ever contest. - Governor Jared Polis

Colorado Winter Weather Will Be More Fun

Imagine cruising down 1-70 in the wake of Darth Blader. It could happen. That name was among the 20 winners. I'm always happy to see the snowplow coming. The idea of traveling a freshly plowed road really can ease the winter nerves when touring this part of the country. Knowing the name of the plow makes it even more enjoyable.

This is slightly reminiscent of the 1970s when every truck had a name and every driver had a CB handle. I don't know if this is the case nowadays, but it sure was the norm when I was little.

Colorado's 20 Finalists

Thanks to the creative ideas of Colorado kids across the state, 20 new plows in the CDOT fleet will receive names as part of the inaugural Name That Plow contest. Those 20 winning names, which were chosen from more than 1,100 entries, are as follows:

20 Colorado Snowplows Get New Names for 2021

The Colorado Department of Transportation conducted a contest asking residents to come up with names for 20 snowplows across the state. Out of 1,100 submissions, these 20 were chosen.

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