Are you planning a camping trip or perhaps a getaway to the lake? Maybe you're looking to haul a load to the landfill. The threat of wildfire is high right now in Colorado. This is why Colorado drivers should always check the safety chains on their trailers.

A spark thrown from a chain dragging the pavement can result in disaster. Here are a few pieces of useful information to help prevent this situation from ever occurring.

On The Road Again

Last week I found myself hauling my equipment trailer on three different occasions:

  • Grand Junction to Arrowhead (two hour drive)
  • Grand Junction to Fruita
  • Grand Junction to Montrose

That's quite a few miles across Colorado, most of it during the recent heatwave. Where the safety chains on my trailer are concerned, enough slack exists for the chains to come in contact with the ground. If you've been in the dryer areas of the United States for long, you already know how catastrophic that can be. Fortunately, a few simple tricks can do away with the problem.

Word From The Mesa County Sheriff's Office

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office issued the following statement via Facebook:

Headed home from Country Jam Colorado? Remember to check your trailer for any dragging parts. Just one spark has the potential to cause a wildfire. Thanks for helping us prevent fires!

How To Prevent A Fire

Check out the video directly below. It demonstrates some important things to remember when hooking up a trailer. The tip about adding a twist to the chain to take up slack is an excellent reminder.

Personal Experience

Believe it or not, sparks can very easily start a fire in dry conditions like we're currently experiencing in Colorado. Back in 1994 I was caught in the fire in Mack, Colorado when a passing train threw a spark. That fire went from a smoldering weed along the track to a full acre in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, firefighters were battling another blaze in the area, and they sent in that bomber plane with a fire retardant. It dumped that stuff all over the fire, me, and my Volkswagen.

It's officially summer, and even with restrictions in place, Colorado residents are hitting the road for camping, boating, and outdoor fun. Trailers and recreational vehicles abound. Too much slack in a chain can go easily unnoticed. Please give them a glance, followed by a second glance, before hitting the road.

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