Safety is a major concern for all Colorado residents. It is not ridiculous to expect to feel safe at your home or in the community. Unfortunately, safety is becoming a problem across the entire state.

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Personally, I feel very safe in Colorado. But at the same time, I live on a dirt road on the outskirts of Fort Collins. Wait, did I just reveal too much about where I live? 

Top 100 List Released, Colorado Cities Left Out

Horseooth Reservoir

WalletHub released a list of 2023's Safest Cities in America, and only one city in Colorado made the top 100. WalletHub did list 182 cities, though.

Denver made the list at #169, and Aurora ranked at #121. Before we get to the safest city in Colorado, I just want to say that this is pretty shocking.

I have family members who live in Tacoma, Washington, which ranked at #161. Tacoma is an incredibly dangerous city. Sure, there are pockets of nice areas, but poverty and crime wreak havoc in Tacoma. My mom has had her car stolen three times in the past five years.

Back to Colorado.

The Safest City in Colorado Revealed

colorado springs

According to the research, Colorado Springs is the safest city to call home in Colorado. Colorado Springs was ranked the 93rd safest city in America. Looking a Niche, Colorado Springs has an overall B+ rating. That seems positive, right?

Looking at the crime and safety portion, Colorado Springs has a C rating. That's not so positive.

Do you feel safe in Colorado? Why or why not? Send us a message right now on the app.

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