If you grew up in the 1970s, you lived on a pair of roller skates. Fast forward 50 years, and you'll still find roller skating rinks scattered across the United States. Here's a look at eight roller skating rinks in Colorado.

Roller skates are nothing new. They made their debut in Europe in the 18th century. Since then, they've evolved into a sport, a mode of transportation, and even better yet, a form of recreation. There are still a number of commercial roller skating rinks in operation. Here's a handful from around the Centennial State.

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Most Popular Places In The United States For Rollerskating

As you can imagine, many local governments are looking to make their communities more bike, pedestrian, and skate friendly. Smallbusiness.chron.com reports there are over 1,000 roller skating rinks in the United States. According to the website superprof.com, these are the most popular American cities for roller skating:

  • Manhattan
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle
  • San Diego
  • Chicago
  • Washington D.C.
  • Fort Lauderdale

What About Colorado?

Look at the bullet points above and you'll notice Colorado communities are absent from the list. Does that mean we don't have roller skating in Colorado? Absolutely not.

Rollerskating Rinks In Colorado

When it comes to skating in Colorado, the possibilities are endless. There are countless miles of paved trails where one could roller skate or inline skate. Many communities feature designated skate parks. What about good old fashioned roller rinks? They certainly still exist. Here's a quick rundown of roller rinks currently operating in Colorado:

In all fairness, not every community on this list is a big city. As of 2021, Trinidad, Colorado had a population of 8,335. As of 2021, Westminster recorded a population of 114,561.

How Much Does It Cost To Rollerskate In The Year 2023?

Using the Skate City Acadamy location as an example, the cost of a skate pass comes to:

  • Admission (2 hr. sessions) $8.00
  • Extra Session $2.00
  • Skate Rental $4.00
  • Skate Trainers (10 & Under) $5.00

For an adult to rent skates and purchase a two-hour session they would have to fork over a total of $12.

Roller skating is fun, inexpensive, and a great exercise. If you haven't skated in 30 years, there's a good chance you'll be stiff and sore for a week, but who cares. Set a course for one of these awesome Colorado rollerskating rinks.

8 Awesome Roller Skating Rinks In Colorado

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