Striking an animal that runs out in front of you on the highway can be a pretty scary occurrence, especially if it's a larger animal, or the accident happens at night.

Have you ever noticed someone collecting roadkill along the side of a Colorado highway? Did you know that for the most part, it is perfectly legal to do this?

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What Does Colorado's Law Say Collecting Roadkill?

Collecting roadkill in Grand Junction or anywhere else in Colorado is actually something people are allowed to do. In Colorado, you are allowed to collect the remains of small animals like squirrels, skunks, raccoons, or rabbits without reporting it. If you come across the remains of wild game on the side of the road like a deer or a moose, you will need a permit from Colorado Parks and Wildlife to harvest all or part of that animal.

Rules are Different for Deer, Moose, and Antelope

The process to get a permit to harvest wild game found on the side of the road is actually pretty easy. Let's say you see a deer on the side of the road. You'll want to call Colorado Parks and Wildlife to report the kill. It is essential that you do this or you could be accused of harvesting the game illegally.

What Should You Do If You Hit a Deer or Large Animal?

Simply tell Colorado Parks and Wildlife what you saw, the location of the animal, and if you want to harvest all or part of it, simply request a permit. The permits are free. You can even collect the animal and call parks and wildlife with the information after you get off the road. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says you must make the call to report the animal within a reasonable amount of time to avoid any issues with game animal meat.

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