A new survey from 247wallst.com reveals that Colorado is the 12th richest state in the union.

The top 5 are Hawaii ($69,592) at #5, up next is Connecticut ($70,048) then Alaska ($71,538), New Jersey ($71,919) on to #1 Maryland with a median household income of $73,971.

While Mississippi hits the bottom at #50 with $39,680.

Our own Centennial State's overall results in 4 categories determined it's #12 finish. `

  • Median Household Income - $61,303. That is up $1,500 from just one year ago.
  • Population - 5,355,866 residents, which ranks 22nd highest in the Union.
  • Unemployment - 5.0% places Colorado 15th lowest among the other states.
  • Poverty Rate - Statewide we are at 12.0%

Other factors include Median Home Value, which at $225,000 is one of the highest in the country. But, a balance that with the fact that Colorado has an extremely high education attainment rate (which means we IS smart) and the higher salaries that go along with more education.

So, who's buying dinner and drinks tonight? Look like we can all afford it!

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