Do you find yourself tuning into the Food Network from time to time to catch a featured Colorado restaurant? Me too! While I waste far more time on mindless shows, I love finding a great new place to eat on one of their shows.

Have you ever found a great place to eat based on watching one of these shows? Open our station app and let us know about a Colorado eatery you discovered thanks to one of these shows.

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National Food TV Shows

Shows like Food ParadiseDiners, Drive-Ins, & Dives, and Best Thing I Ever Ate have been pretty good about featuring Colorado restaurants over the years.

Colorado Food Scene

Many of the shows on the Food Network focus on restaurants in the Denver area but not always. You must admit, it's an area with some amazing restaurants that love to focus on dishes with green chili. Restaurants in the mile-high city love to offer burgers, Rocky Mountain oysters, street tacos, and just about anything else you might want to eat.

Colorado Restaurant Closures

The only downside to seeing a Colorado restaurant make it on one of these shows is to see them close up their doors after a brush with fame. Today we will zoom in on 11 such restaurants that once made it to the big time, but are no longer open in Colorado.

These 11 Colorado Restaurants Featured on National Food TV Shows Have Sadly Closed

These Colorado restaurants once rose to fame as part of national broadcasts on the Food Network. Sadly, they are no longer in business. Scroll through the photos below to see these long-lost favorite places in the Centennial State.

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