What kinds of items do you keep on the top of your refrigerator in Colorado? Using the space for several items you may want to keep within arms reach is tempting, but is this safe to do? Not really, and for several reasons.

The kitchen can be a busy place, especially around mealtime. Turning the top of your refrigerator into the unofficial kitchen junk drawer can result in accidents. It can also prevent the refrigerator from ventilating properly and ruin the food you paid all that money for. Let's look at eleven items that do not belong above the fridge in Grand Junction

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Refrigerator Ventilation

Ever notice how the sides and top of the refrigerator feel warmer to the touch than the door? This is due to the cycle and circulation of the appliance. Most refrigerators vent excess heat out of the top. If you have covered this area with a large fish tank, it won't be long before this appliance starts having problems. Keep the top of the refrigerator free and clear of items that may prevent proper ventilation.

Trips to the Kitchen

Another reason to avoid piling up items on top of the refrigerator is that the kitchen can be a busy place. How often does someone at your house open and close the refrigerator door in one day? Each time the door is opened, there is the possibility that items on top of the fridge will shift and fall off. That's a surprise you don't need, and neither does your five-year-old.

Temptation In Plain Sight

Speaking of kids, keeping something like a cookie jar on the top of the refrigerator puts temptation in plain sight. Think about how often you tried to get something on the fridge as a child. Did you push a chair up to it and try to reach the top, or did you try to climb the side of the fridge? Kids do crazy things, don't tempt them further by putting something they want in a place that seems out of reach.

Coloradans Should Never Put These 11 Items on Top of the Fridge

While the space on the top of your refrigerator might seem like a great place to store things, it's not. The top of the fridge is where food and produce go to get stale faster. Avoid storing the following 11 items on top of your Colorado refrigerator.

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